Marrakesh Old Medina Souks


Situated behind Place Djemaâ El Fna, the souks in Marrakech from the great maze, made up of ancient gateways, seething streets and squares charged with history. The adventure – and it is indeed an adventure! – Starts with Bab semmarin… through this gateway, you penetrate a closed, shaded and mysterious universe with its own rules and codes. Dozens of narrow streets communicate between the large gateways that form a route that loses itself in the depths of the old town. The shops, mostly minute, resemble one another without ever being identical and offer all sorts of craft products made by the mâalems, their workers and their apprentices.

The commercial area of the medina is ordered according to a hierarchy that positions the corporations starting with the most privileged near the ben Youssef mosque and less privileged out by the ramparts. The order obeys two criteria: an economic criterion, which takes the value of the products in to account and convenience based criterion, related to the disturbance caused to the neighborhood. The workshops and luxury shops are near the mosque. Then come fabrics, silvers- miths, slipper markers and wool weavers. Around the edge are the carpenters and locksmiths and finally, banned from the center, polluting, noisy or smelly trades.



  • Duration: 4 days & 3 nights
  • Countries: (1) Croatia
  • Experiences: 5
  • Ages: 10 - 45+
  • Starting Point: Dubrovnik
  • Ending Point: Hvar

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